Are you a Modern Mariner?

We are a growing community of Mariners united to improve Maritime Safety through improving training, methods, ideas and discussion.
Not everyone is a Modern Mariner nor do they want to be. Many want the maritime industry to stay as it has been, locked in place for half a century. Locked to the ideas of stringent hierarchy, in a place where, if you are in the lower ranks your opinion and ideas have no value. Judging others solely by age and experience – discounting their abilities and input.
Those are the Mariners that pose the biggest danger to others. They fight against open discussion and trying new methods; they think that because of age, you can’t have knowledge, or are unable to make a contribution.
They are wrong.
All mariners have something to contribute, all of them have near misses. All have seen incidents occur that could have been potentially deadly, or seriously harmful. All mariners have attended training and participated in drills.
Those who are brave and observant – they are the ones that improve the industry. Those are the Modern Mariners.
Modern Mariners share what they have seen; they get criticized, they receive comments from those hiding in anonymity. Only the cowards criticize those who are brave – those who are sharing their experiences and trying to create discussion and growth.
I want Modern Mariners to become part of the discussion, to provide training, to take training, to improve and share the best knowledge and ideas that are available in our industry.
Our goal is to have many instructors teaching courses – teaching what they know to all skill levels; from Recreational Boaters to Unlimited Commercial Mariners.
It is our industry – we are the links, the chains, the ships, the ports, the cargo. We the Modern Mariners make the modern world possible, it is us who move the world. Those critics who say otherwise are dissolving in their anonymity and quickly becoming irrelevant – we the Modern Mariners will transform the maritime industry forward, as much as the internet has changed the world thus far, robotics will change it again.
The Maritime world will change drastically along with it, as will our roles. We must be training ourselves to make it happen with us and not to us.
If you are interested in writing a course and teaching what you know contact us, and we will help you build your course.
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