“Are we planning to fail?” Learning and follow up

Last week we had an article posted on GCaptian.com titled “Are we planning to fail?”

I wanted to follow up on that with a few of the topics that were brought up by emails that were sent to me. I posted a small follow up to Linked-in,

I got quite a few emails from the “contact us” boxes here. They show up right in my email box – so I was able to engage in a lot of interesting conversations. Thinking about how training has been traditionally approached and how we can approach training better. How to make it fun, engaging and memorable. We want to change training in the maritime industry – to a discussion based, fun and inquisitive direction. Traditionally it has always been depending on the course – either entirely hands-on or completely hands off – neither is complete in terms of creating a profound learning experience.

Deep learning needs to involve discussion and not just an explanation, but the attempt on the part of the student to engage in explaining the topic themselves – to create a thorough understanding and memory. They say you don’t know something until you attempt to teach it. Then through the action of explaining you gain a complete understanding of the topic itself.  I believe that the questions that come up while explaining and expanding on a subject will if explored – create not only a deeper understanding of the topic but could kindle innovations in how that problem could be approached in the future.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

Let’s start kindling some flames. I’ve been reading a lot about learning and flow – how to aid in the leveraging and optimizing the art of learning and self-improvement. Kindling my flame of knowledge and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

Thinking and Learning about Learning.

Fair winds!

Jaquelyn E. P. Burton

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