We exist to serve the Modern Mariner – We know how much it SUCKS to be stuck at a training center, sitting through hours upon hours of power point trying and understand something that an instructor can’t explain. Or even worse – to sit through a class taught by someone who has never sailed, and just doesn’t understand what ships are! 

We Know; and we are here to help you!

We aim to provide necessary maritime training and certification programs for individual customers and maritime companies in an engaging on-demand format. We want mariners to be able to access their training and certification programs whenever they have the time, wherever they are.

We understand that some courses and certifications do not lend themselves to an online format and need to be in person. For those exercises and assessment, we will partner with established facilities to create a standard set of exercises to integrated with our programs. That will allow our students to be able to travel to our partner’s facilities that are closest to them to complete those exercises and assessments.

Most of the modules, however, can be more effectively taught in an online format. It will provide our students and customers with the most time effective and complete training available. Eliminating weeks and months spent in hotels at training centers while allowing the students to study at their pace before taking their assessments and exams.

Wishing you all the best,

The Coeval Team. 

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